Premium-quality visual and operating panels made of plastic

Control panels for domestic appliances

Since 1970, we have been internationally known as a partner of renowned manufacturers in the domestic appliance industry. For the manufacture and printing of control panels, front panels, covers and operating elements for all types of domestic appliances.

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smiling woman turning on the oven in the kitchen
smiling woman turning on the oven in the kitchen
Plastic glass for indoor and outdoor lighting

For interior lighting and exterior lighting, we produce plastic glass of the best quality. We manufacture the PMMA and polycarbonate covers and trims for lamps in various sizes from crystal-clear thermoplastics.

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smart screen with smart home and modern bedroom
Control panels for smart building

For smart building applications we manufacture precise plastic parts with multi touch function. Our smart control panels and front panels can be used for various intelligent home technology products.

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Plastic control panels for smart home

Smart controls, displays and fronts with touch function: EDER smart is the name of our new future-oriented product line for smart products made of plastic for use in smart home applications.

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Woman using smart wall home control system
Control panels for time recording systems

Time recording systems are becoming increasingly important. We manufacture the operating elements with and without touch function for all types of time recording systems.

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Face scanner for time recording.
Automatic coffee machine and drinks in glass cups in the kitchen
Operation via icons or displays with multitouch

We manufacture innovative control panels for various applications with our modern machine park. This includes elements with controls via icons and displays with multi-touch functions.

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Precision in form and colour: For more than 50 years

“Precision in form and colour” – under this motto, our company has been successfully manufacturing the highest quality precision plastic parts at its headquarters in Baden-Baden since 1970. We have made an international name for ourselves as a partner to renowned manufacturers in the household appliance and electrical industries, among others.


In addition to our modern production processes to manufacture and refine high quality plastic parts we offer our customers comprehensive services.

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Klaus Brokamp
Phone: +49 7221 9569-25

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