Based on customer request almost all parts produced by EDER are refined though screen printing. You provide us with the details, we take care of the rest: From the preparation of pressure sieves, the selection of a suitable colour system and to the series production. The whole process is carried out in our company in Baden-Baden. The printing itself takes place in partially or fully automated state-of-the-art printing machines, which in part are matched to the components that are to be printed, as they are manufactured in house.

This gives us the flexibility to address your specific requirements regarding the nature and scope of the printing as well as the batch size. Our efficient installations have various printing machines with which we can process from small batches of 100 pieces up to batches of a few thousand pieces. True to our motto “precision in form and colour”.

Amongst others we offer the following options:

  • Small pressure tolerances
  • Selection of different colour systems from various suppliers based on the customer requirements
  • Unlimited number of print colours per piece
  • If desired the use of high-resistance colour systems with regard to electric conductivity
  • Application of screen-printed adhesive elements