Control panels

The precise production of control panels, front panels, front plates and control panels made of thermoplastics, such as polycarbonate (PC) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), in premium quality is our specialisation.

For 50 years we have been manufacturing plastic control panels for renowned customers to meet the highest demands. Our vision screens and control panels for household and electrical appliances are used in a wide range of industries, including the appliance, smart home and automotive industries. The high quality is the result of professional competence and experience, precise manufacturing and constant innovation.

Planning, production, printing, assembly and final inspection:

On request, we accompany the entire manufacturing process of control panels and front panels.

A good supplier offers more than manufacturing on request. EDER uses its decades of experience in the special field and develops solutions and innovations together with its customers in the run-up to production. From consulting to prototype development.

To ensure the quality of the control panels and front panels, the company uses state-of-the-art manufacturing methods that guarantee the highest standards. All common thermoplastics can be processed by injection moulding on state-of-the-art, fully automated production cells. Due to its experience, EDER is also able to produce very thin-walled parts. The specialisation and unique position here is the processing of crystal-clear materials, which can be refined by means of further technologies. In addition to injection moulding, milling technology and ultrasonic welding are also used for production and processing.

After production, most plastic parts are finished with screen printing technology. For lettering or branding, the hot stamping process is also available.

Premium-quality visual and operating panels made of plastic

Examples of use in the video

Control panels and displays with multi-touch function made of plastic and plastic glass in premium quality. This video shows possible application examples ranging from classic precise bezels and covers for household appliances and lighting to trend-setting displays with touch function for smart home, time recording and smart building.

Smart and scratch-resistant control panels with touch function

Controlling and operating electronic devices by touch is a widespread application today. The touch screen has arrived. An innovation from EDER are therefore the control panels and panels with touch function. They can be used for different devices and applications and make control panels smart. Behind the classic control panel made of scratch-resistant plastic, there is a sensor foil. Aperture and sensor foil are connected and work together perfectly and invisibly from the outside.

We will be happy to advise you and manufacture the new generation of control panels for your company as well.

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