EDER, your strong partner for plastics processing

For 50 years we have been manufacturing high-quality precision plastic parts mainly for the industry of electric and domestic appliances. The satisfaction of our customers is what drives us day after day. The high quality we offer, results from our technical competence and experience, as well as a precise production and constant innovation. Numerous of our manufactured parts can be found in the viewing and operating area of domestic or electric appliances. For example, dishwashers, stoves, baking ovens or coffee machines.

We are happy to support you in solving your specific task.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (en).

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (en).

Certified quality

Our market success is largely due to our commitment to a continuously high product quality. The basis for this is our long-standing practical experience, our qualified employees and our reliable and certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality-Management-System.

Manufacturing technologies

Injection moulding


The fully automated state-of-the-art production cells can process all common thermoplastics. Our specialty is the production of transparent materials, which can be refined with the help of other technologies at a later stage.

Milling technology


We offer you a cost effective and quick to realize alternative to injection moulding with our high-speed milling machines for plastic panels. Especially if a small quantity is required or frequent changes need to be applied to the piece, this technology gives us the flexibility to address specific customer requirements.

Print technology


Based on customer request almost all parts produced by EDER are refined though screen printing. You provide us with the details, we take care of the rest: From the preparation of pressure sieves, the selection of a suitable colour system and to the series production.

Ultrasonic welding


As a technology ultrasonic welding offers our customers a rapid process time in addition to high process security and quality. The thermoplastic materials are inseparably combined.

Hot stamping


Astounding results with brilliant colours and decorations! Hot stamping offers a wide variety of fine colour effects, for instance in gold, chrome or aluminium. Additionally, hot stamping is excellently suited for the application of letterings, logos or decorative elements on the surface of thermoplastic components.

Further processing


In addition to the already described manufacturing technologies – Injection moulding, milling technology, print technology, ultrasonic welding and hot stamping – we offer further processing options and procedures.

Our services for you

In order to rapidly produce high quality products for our customers we offer comprehensive services. This starts with a prompt proposal generation and competent on-site consultation for our customers. Furthermore, our services include brief and punctual lead-times and a flexibly delivery even for small batches as well as a ten year long spare parts service for most of our products. Moreover, we offer an own screen production, an own fixture construction as well as a short term and cost-effective procurement of injection moulding tools.

  • Individual consultation

  • Short supply chain

  • Development of new products